Data Visualisation, and Decision Making in the Manufacturing Sector

10.00- 16.30

Monday June 25th 2018, University of Newcastle

Data Visualisation and Decision Making in the Manufacturing Sector: How Data Visualisation is key to Connected Factories

Manufacturers have a complex value chain, from the raw material itself and how to manage any supply constraints through to the complex production processes themselves. And whilst the product itself is usually core to a manufacturing business and remains the focus of any data being collated, the use of data and analytics throughout the value chain can lead to significant benefits in terms of cost reduction, machine usage and maintenance, scheduling and logistics, even sales forecasting.

As these production systems becoming increasingly intelligently automated through the drive for digitalisation, it is also important to remember that human skills will continue to remain essential for many tasks through the production process, making the marriage between humans and machines critical to success.

Data visualisation for effective decision-making becomes an essential element of the digitised manufacturing shop floor, as it will enable humans to work better and more effectively alongside the production process leading to the generation of efficiencies, the broadening of the scope of what the machinery can actually achieve and ultimately a boost in productivity by motivating workers through salient, useful and credible evidence based information. It can also have lasting impacts on the design process which in turn leads to other outcomes such as mass customisation and mass personalisation.

This workshop, organised by the University of Portsmouth Institute of Industrial Research, seeks to explore some of these challenges with industry presentations as well as presentations from the academic community and a panel session followed by lunch and poster/demo presentations.



Past Events


Data Analytics & Decision-Making for Industrial Systems

Thursday 9th November 2017, 
Data Analytics are qualitative and quantitative methods and processes used to convert information collected during the manufacturing process into a format that will help to inform decision making with a view to enhance productivity and efficiency. Most large OEM companies already have in-house data analytics capabilities but how do we  encourage mid-level companies and SMEs to adopt the state-of-the-art IoT, connectivity and communication protocols which would enable them to harness the data generate during the manufacturing process to improve their productivity and business gains?

This workshop will try to explore the real opportunities offered  smaller and cheaper smart sensors, the miniaturisation of data collection units and the development of onsite processing. All these  would enable prompt decision making and reduce the connectivity costs and cyber-security issues associated with connecting to 4G/5G/satellite/the cloud.. In addition it would help where internet connectivity is physically difficult, either due to availability or location.

We invite Industry and Academia to come together to discuss these opportunities in an attempt to try and explore what Indsutry challenges are, and how Universities can help.

This event is held in partnership with the Connected Everything Network.

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Artificial Intelligence for Customer Engagement -IBM’s Watson and the Development of a Unique Value Proposition


Tuesday 30th May 2017 8.30-11.00

Portsmouth Technopole

We are thrilled to host Derick Weisner,  IBM’s European Digital Agency Leader who will be talking about how AI can help you understand how your customers are interacting with your brand. Derick will showcase just how this new technology can play a key role in creating and delivering personalized, intuitive experiences at every stage of the customer journey, enhancing existing marketing approaches and helping you to fully develop a differentiated and unique value proposition for your customers.

Join us at the Portsmouth Technopole at 8.30am for tea and coffee. The event will begin at 9.00am and Derick will speak for 40 minutes, followed by Q&A. We anticipate that the event will end at 11am.

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Past Events

How the Internet of Things is Changing Cyber Security


Thursday, 26 January 2017

10:00 – 12:30 GMT

Langstone Technology Park, Langstone Road, Havant, PO9 1SA

By 2020 it is expected that up to 50 billion devices will be connected to each other thanks to the internet. The result of this is beneficial in many different ways. However, the rise of the internet of things means that cyber security becomes more significant.

For businesses in particular, in order to remain competitive in a global market, the sharing of data to enable better decision-making has led to the integration of data and the systems in which it operates. Whilst this is leading to improvements in many aspects of production and control systems, this desire and ability to be connected and the proliferation of connected devices may well be outstripping cyber security solutions that are able to keep out data and networks safe. Indeed a recent study conducted through the OWASP project has shown that 70 percent of IoT devices contain serious vulnerabilities.

So join us for our first event on Cyber Security which is one of a series of events hosted by the Optimise Hub at the Institute of Industrial Research at the University of Portsmouth where we will discuss Industrial Internet of Things Security issues and solutions.

This event is organised in partnership with the Institute of Industrial ResearchPortsmouth Business School and the Faculty of Technology, University of Portsmouth.

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Connectivity: The Internet of Things and Business Innovation

Skyscrapers with Digital network communication in Shanghai.

Monday 21st November  :  Arqiva, Winchester  : 08.00-11.00am

Do you want to optimise your business models or production processes? Have you heard about the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 and want to know more about how it works and what it could do to help your business grow? Wondering about the latest digital technologies and how they could help you to add value to your data?

Join us on Monday 21st November 2016 to hear about our new Optimise Hub and find out how creating and using your data can ensure you optimise your business and help it become more competitive. We will be also be launching our competition where you can win some free data analytics consultancy from our in-house team.

Kindly hosted by Arqiva, a leading UK communications infrastructure company whose business is connectivity, you will also be entitled to a free tour of the facilities and can find out more about how their work is enabling our vibrant digital economy.

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An overview of the event hosted on the 21st of November;

This workshop was hosted by the Optimise Hub and was hosted in partnership with Arqiva – a communications company based within the regional at Winchester, who are operating in the IoT domain in the commercial sector – particularly with regards to Smart Water Meters.

This event attracted a number of different regional players in the IoT domain and was designed to be a generic awareness raising event rather than wholly focused on manufacturing – especially since the host was operating in a non-manufacturing sector.

At the event we launched the Data Analytics Competition which will allow 3 companies the chance to access Optimise Hub expertise for free for up to 3 weeks. ON the day one company came forward interested in taking up this offer. The winners for this competition will possibly form the basis for future Use Cases and grant proposals. One of the speakers at the event was one of our project partners – The Future Photonics Hub, Southampton.

Some quotes from attendees from the event:

“I thought the event was very informative and useful”
“very interesting. I certainly took a lot away from it in terms of different perspectives on the Internet of Things and its application. I’d be glad to attend further similar events if available”