The Hub seeks to offer advice and expertise in the following areas. We can also offer space for Business Incubation through our partners.

As we grow we hope to be able to offer state of the art facilities to facilitate Industry 4.0 R&D.


We have experts who can help you to formalise your ideas about just what you want from your data and connect you with IT architecture experts who can them build the information services specification you require. From here, you can then start to being to build up data assets to help you develop a high value decision-making  process


With the infrastructure in place, our team of in house data analytics experts can then help you to get to grips with the data you have, and understand what it is trying to tell you! At the same time we can assist in supporting you to create and utilise more data if required.

Our skills:

  • understanding Big Data and what it means to your organisation
  • enabling you to begin to harness your data, and create new data to support your business model
  • helping you to use this data to optimise your production processes


If you are in the telecommunications industry or want to innovate to create better, faster network connections, then The Future Photonics Hub can help. They are a key partner at OptimiseHub and are host to the  UK’s best nanoelectronics and photonics fabrication facilities. They hold a unique resource of expertise, technology and wide ranging capability in device fabrication, equipment for micro and nanofabrication, epitaxy (MBE and MOCVD), and electronic and optical characterisation, so if you have commercial challenges related to any of these areas, then do get in touch.

Our skills:

  • providing access to world class facilities that can help you develop the products you required related to photonics and nanoelectronics
  • helping you to maximise the efficiency of your data collection and data management